We offer insurance solutions to archery clubs and ranges throughout the United States.  In all but a few states, the insurance will be offered on an “admitted” basis, which means that the company and policy offered has been reviewed by your state’s Division of Insurance. We can offer a complete insurance solution to fit your needs.  Below are coverage options available for your club in most areas:

General Liability Insurance

The basic limit is $1,000,000 per occurrence and gives your club coverage for any bodily injury or property damage claims for which you are responsible. We include Medical Payments to Others coverage which is known as “slip and fall” coverage and contains a sublimit of $5,000 which pays for injuries on your property or for which you are responsible.

Business Auto Insurance

This covers if you have vehicles which are owned by the club. Liability and physical coverage for your vehicle is available. A specific list of drivers with dates of birth and driver’s license number will be required.

Property Insurance

This coverage is to replace damages to your investment in real property. Structures and building contents are included in this limit and settlements are normally subject to a $1,000 deductible.

Crime Insurance

Covers your club for up to $10,000 in loss of money/checks/securities due to Employee Theft, burglary, robbery, or alterations.

Equipment Insurance

This is for your mobile equipment, such as lawn mowers, tools, 3D targets or the like against covered damage or theft. Normal wear and tear is not covered.
Tractor $5,000
3d Targets $10,000

Workman's Compensation

This coverage provides you, the employer, a way to pay for injuries and disability for your employees. Premium is based initially off estimated payrolls and adjusted at the end of the year by payroll audit.
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